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Welcome to Lash Masters By Timi

As a European master technician I'm here to teach you the latest, trending techniques of the beauty world. Whether you are a beginner or a professional looking to improve your skills, I'm here to help you! My goal is to take your existing individual talents and creativity to the professional level. I will prepare you for the exciting and promising world of Eyelash Extensions.

Classic Lashes Course

Classic Eyelash Extensions Certificate Course is designed for beginners and is recommended to students with little or no prior eyelash extension experience. Trough one-on-one instructions and hands-on learning, you will learn everything needed to start your own lash extension practice or grow their preexisting business.

Tuition $999, Call for Special Pricing

Russioan Volume Course

Russian Volume Eyelash course is the next step following Basic Eyelash training. This course is deisgned for technicians who are comfortable doing classic eyelash extensions and would like to gain skills applying volume onto individual natural lashes from 2D-7D

Tuition $1750, Call for Special Pricing

Mega Royal Course

Mega Royal Course Extension Course is for certified lash technicians focuing on cutting edge techniques. Our intensive class will emphasize on creating A 8D-16D lashes creating the celebrity look.

Tuition $900

The courses promise a certification after completion. I will teach you the latest tricks and techniques to take your existing individual talents and creativity to the professional level.

Accelerated training courses offer everything you need to get your business started or take your existing business to the next level.

  • Free Gift Bottom Eyelash Application Training for each course

  • Product Knowledge

  • Care and Maintenance Tips

  • Tools and Training Kit

  • Safe Removal of Eyelash Extensions

  • Eyelash Styling Techniques

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